Are you ready to take your Xbox game to another level? So many people come to us and they ask us about the one Xbox accessory that you should be buying. And the funny thing is that we all have our misconceptions about these accessories and what is the one that you should be getting without a doubt. We think there is only one accessory that fits this bill – an external hard drive. Now you may be wondering, is there not something else that is more important? Such as another controller or a headset? And we would answer in the following way.

The thing about an extra controller is that it is useful if you are someone who games with a lot of friends. But if you do not – if you are generally playing online against friends, not in person, then you do not need another controller. And similarly with the headset, you may already have a pair of headphones that you like a lot, and you may not need to use the mic feature on the Xbox at all. In that case, you do not need that accessory so badly. But there is never a reason to avoid buying an external hard drive.

fastest xbox one external hard drive

When it comes to the fastest xbox one external hard drive that is on the market, we think it is the accessory that you should never avoid getting. Why? Because it is going to help you in a major way. you will soon see that this is the accessory that is going to take your gaming to another level. The reason why it is so vital is because you will never have to think about deleting a game on your console ever again. We have all been there – needing to free up space on our Xbox hard drive so we can install a new game.

But it can be a little bit heart wrenching. Sure, you may not play all your games all the time, but you do not want them gone either. What if you feel like playing it one day? You will not want to sit there for 2 hours waiting for it to redownload and install so you can play it. What you are going to want to do is get yourself an external drive, where you can place all your newer game files, or the older ones, and that way you have quick access to everything.

Another reason why we would suggest going for such a hard drive is because you can use it to add other media to your Xbox. Want to add music? TV Shows? Movies? You can do all of that with ease through an external hard drive, and you can play those files on your console within seconds. It is much better than having to watch them through a tiny laptop screen. Now you can easily get them on your Xbox so you can watch on your massive TV in the living room! This is why the external hard drive is so great.

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