There are so many great things that are being done at the political level, even though we do not always realize what is going on. It is easy for us to get caught up in the drama and the scandals that make national news. However, politics is a lot more than these petty games that we see unfolding in the news or in Congress. There are real people in many states who are working towards change they believe in. And if you care about similar things, you may want to get yourself in a position where you are a part of that change too.

What we think about different laws is not important. Today we are going to focus on one type of policy: marijuana punishments. Yes, the ultimate goal is to go towards legalization, but that is a little more complicated. Depending on the state where you are living, full legalization is something that may not be politically possible. However, sensible policies are something we can always advocate for, and that is what we think you should be doing. For instance, you can read a little bit about the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative and you can see the success they had.

Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

When these people first started, they were greeted with similar indignation by others. They were either told that they had a bad cause in their hearts, or they were told it was a waste of time. Either way, they did not let those comments get to them. They realized it was about more than what the skeptics were saying. They had a goal in their minds, and they worked very hard to achieve that goal. Yes, it took them a long time before they saw results, but the political process can take time even under the best of circumstances.

If you are someone who does not believe that a person should be looking at a few years of jail if they are in possession of marijuana, or even if they are selling, then we think you should be getting behind these reasonable policy initiatives. And you may think there is no such thing in your state, but you would be surprised. There are always such groups around, they just do not get the publicity they deserve. It is up to you to find them and see how you may be able to help them get closer to their goals.

Decriminalizing marijuana is not about making it easier for everyone to smoke or consume it. It is about making sure that you are not creating a whole generation of ex-cons simply because they like to consume a substance. We have to look at our society as a whole, and it is no good if you have so many people spending time in jail for such petty offenses. And you most certainly do not want to ruin their lives, which can happen when you have a record. It is something that follows you in your life, even when you get out of jail.

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