If you are searching for the technical specifics on how to successfully set up your first blog online, you only really need to follow one guide. For starters, this is going to eliminate a lot of confusion. There are guides aplenty online but are they the correct ones. So, if you wish to make a successful go of your first attempt, simply follow the rules given to you by authoritative guides like how to start a blog 101 for instance.

That takes care of the technicalities for now. By simply following the rules given in guides like how to start a blog 101, your blog will be successfully initiated on the recommended blogging platform. So, now that your blog is successfully up and running, what now? Is it a case of; let’s wait and see. Doing that gets you nowhere and there is much that you still need to learn about successful online blogging. By way of an introduction, and a good motivation, let’s start off with a philosophical reasoning.

Ask yourself this question. Why are you blogging in the first place? What are your motivations for wishing to blog and what do you intend blogging about? The answer may seem quite obvious to business handlers out there but it is not so clear cut and dried. The question is appropriateness. Yes, you will be chatting to your audience about your products and/or services. But just how do you come across to your clients?

How do you make the reading material as interesting as possible to your readers, so much so that they would want to go onto your website and make a purchase? Interest is all abuzz, but it is how you capture the interest of your targeted readers that counts. This is something that the suggested online guides will be tutoring you on in more detail. For the time being, note that you create interest for your readers not through subject and/or product alone but through readability.

how to start a blog 101

Will the presentation of your blog post be legible to your readers? Which theme is ideal to enhance legibility for the readers out there? And will the readers understand every word you publish? Apart from the fact that you will, of course, always be choosing your words carefully and checking your grammar use, you’ll also be looking at paragraph and word lengths. You do not wish to lose the interest of your readers if your paragraphs and posts are arduously long, because as interesting as your story may seem to be, nothing tires an online reader out more.

Go ahead; you try reading a batch of posts for a while. Even though the work is nicely presented, it is still not easy on the eye, bearing in mind that a great deal of readers are reading blog posts directly from their mobile device on a much smaller screen. These are things, amongst others, that your recommended 101 guides will be tutoring you on.

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